The quick-and-easy floor slab shutter system by IsoLohr ®

The IsoLohr®-floor slabbing system made of Styrodur® C:
formwork and thermal bridge free insulation in one work step.

Monday, 19 August 2013

KITA Bremerhaven with Isolohr ® floor slab system

KITA in Bremerhaven mit IsoLohr-BodenplattensystemHeadlines are made by several children's daycare due to their energy efficient way of building in Passivhaus standard. The engineer of the builder, Seestadt Immobilien, Joanna Lensch, became due to the energy efficient versions the Bremer Climate saving award. These daycare sites are the first passivhaus certified public buildings in Bremerhaven.


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Styrodur with new improved values

The IsoLohr floor slab system is made of industrial edited original Styrodur. The Styrodur certification Z-23.34-125 was in important points improved and extended:

Zulassung_Z-23.34-13251. Admission of horizontal forces.
With the IsoLohr floor slab system is it possible to take 20% of the normal load in one-, or multi-layered constructions into calculation for horizontal forces.

2. Compressive strength of multi-layered Styrodur is raised.
The nominal value of the compressive strength was raised from 140 kPa to 185 kPa.

3. Certification for earthquake aereas
The IsoLohr floorslab system can be used in seismic risk areas.

4. Raised E-modulus
The E-modulus of Styrodur 3035 CS was raised from 5000 kPa to 6500 kPa.

Monday, 19 December 2011

IsoLohr floor slab system with integrated brick beam

An innovative solution for thermal bridge free construction for buildings with masonery. Simple, fast and value for money.

KlinkerbauBild Klinkerbau






System properties:

  • The circumferential brick beam shuttering is integrated in the edge element.



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